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WellHome Study - Indoor air pollution and its impact on asthma

An animation created for the WellHome study project at School of Public Health, Imperial College London. 

An introduction video of their research on indoor air quality and asthma. Video is also part of their campaign for recruiting west London residents to host air pollution sensors and help collect data for the study.

Sickle Cell Disease and how it made me an Invisible Warrior

An animation created as part of the Invisible Warrior project by the Department of Immunology and Inflammation at Imperial College London.


Louisa shares her life story of living as a sickle cell warrior to raise awareness of sickle cell disease and how chronic illness affects mental health.

How to manage anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

A short animation providing tips on coping with anxiety under the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this animation, I used a simple lined art visual style to reflex reduced everyday life, especially in lockdown.  

This video was created in collaboration with science writer, presenter, and brain expert Ginny Smith.

Everything Shall Pass

A music video animation for the song 'Everything Shall Pass', written and performed by Corral Torrisi & The Lost BandThis song was inspired by the songwriter's personal experience in coping with anxiety but told in a light-hearted tone.

For the animation, I created a character flying through a storm as a metaphor for life where we experience up and downs. He eventually took his courage to fly above the clouds and found that the sun is always shining above and storms will always pass.

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