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Hi, I'm Elfy Chiang, a freelance illustrator and science communicator based in Taiwan. I studied Biological Sciences at university and later an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London. I love working with scientists, educators, healthcare and communication professionals around the world on creating engaging and informative visuals to communicate science. 

My work has been published in academic journals like Nature, The Lancet and many more. I've also worked with brands in the healthcare industry like Lilly and Novartis on creating content for the general public with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity.

I create art in illustration, graphics design, and animation. But as an arts and crafts enthusiast, I am always exploring new formats of visual communication and am open to projects outside of STEAM with the hope to bring people joy with my art.

As a frequent traveller, I also love landscape photography, am open to meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and love everything dark chocolate. 


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If you are looking to get a quote, get in touch with the following:

- The format and purpose: What are looking to create with me? Is it a graphic, illustration, or animation?

Also, where do you need the artwork and what is it for? Is it for academic publishing or something else?

- Your audience: Who is your target audience? Are they professional peers, patients, or children etc.?

- Your message: What do you wish to communicate? Feel free to provide sketches, quick drafts, or example images to indicate your message or the art style and level of detail you are looking for. Also, let me know if you have a deadline.

> With the information above, I will get back to you with a specific quote and timeline for your project. 

> I provide agreements/contracts and take deposits or payments upfront. 

Happy to answer any of your questions! *U*

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