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Everything Shall Pass

A music video animation for the song 'Everything Shall Pass', written and performed by Corral Torrisi & The Lost Band.

This song was inspired by the songwriter's personal experience in coping with anxiety but told in a light-hearted tone.

For the animation, the character is flying through a storm as a metaphor for life where we experience up and downs. He eventually took his courage to fly above the clouds and found that the sun is always shining above and storms will always pass.

How to manage anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

A collaboration with brain expert and science communicator Ginny Smith, this short animation shares the science behind anxiety and provides tips on how to ease those feelings during a pandemic.

the Infinities

Loop animations reflect my thoughts on science and life.

Infinite Universe

Infinite Universe

Will we find layers and layers of universes if we zoom in (or out) indefinitely from ours?

Gif animations

Loop animations based on happy thoughts.


Summer Treats

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